Trump Got Stumped


In the most-engaged political event on Yik Yak to date, 12.5% of all yaks posted during the debate were about the showdown on Fox.

No surprise: Trump was the most talked-about candidate, but on a day when Mitt Romney called for voters to side with “anyone but Trump,” new power rankings emerged among millennials on Yik Yak. For the first time, Kasich took second place in mentions (16.4%), with Rubio and Cruz in a dead tie for third.

Kasich also had a huge night in terms of sentiment, finishing with 65.3% approval and a mere 7.8% disapproval on Yik Yak; Rubio finished second (36.9% approval and 28.2% disapproval). While Trump had the lowest approval by far (5%), third-place Cruz had the highest disapproval (48.9%).

Looking at sentiment over time is even more interesting. Back in October, Rubio was routinely a front-runner with millennials, but he’s had an uneven ride the past few debates. Like Rubio, Cruz has seen ups and downs; Trump has consistently pulled among the lowest approval, with only Cruz dipping below him at times. The biggest winner in the long haul has been Kasich. Though he could barely rally any support through January, he’s been on a steep rise since, with Yakkers consistently lauding him the best of the pack and applauding him for taking the high road while the other candidates bicker.

You can check out more yaks from the debate by visiting the "Best of the Fox Republican Debate" feed in the app!