2015 Year In Review


2015 was a big year in Yik Yak land – and we only just turned 2 years young! This year we grew to over 2,000 campuses across the US and internationally, and the Yak was thrilled to meet as many of you as he could along the way. In fact, as best as he can remember he gave out nearly 35,000 hugs over the course of the year, from Melbourne to Manchester, including one very special hug at the University of Georgia.

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a look back at some of what y’all yakked about in herds around the world in 2015.

2015’s Biggest Conversations

Suffice it to say that a LOT happened this year, both inside your communities and in the world at large. From breaking news to pop culture, politics to sports, incredible achievements to mourning moments, you turned to your fellow Yakkers to discuss what was happening around you both near and far. Here were some of the topics that generated the most discussion on Yik Yak this year:

Most Popular Catch-All Phrase

That would be Netflix and chill. And you came up with over 5000 variations of the phrase (even going so far as to suggest “GOP Debate & Chill?” and “Democratic debate & Chill”). The alternative you used most frequently? “Netflix and chi…potle.“

Oh College…Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You

Naturally, your local feeds were filled with yaks bemoaning the trials and tribulations of college life – but you often came together as a global herd to discuss these topics in the Peek tab, too. These were your favorite collections on the challenges of college life:

And now, before 2015 comes to a close, the Yak would like to bestow a few year-end awards to some particularly stand-out Yik Yak communities. Bow down.   

Best Crowdsourced Motivation

There were many candidates for this category, but Rutgers University took the prize for their pet-filled feed to keep Yakkers cheery as they studied for finals. Some yaks credited their pets as the reason they wanted to do well on finals; others turned to the photos to relieve stress. And while there were loads of cute puppies and kittens, this lil guy charmed the Yak the most.

Most Inspiring Community Story

Oklahoma State University awed us when Yakkers turned a tragic situation into something incredibly powerful. After a car drove through a crowd gathered for the annual homecoming parade, students came together on Yik Yak and organized a ribbon-selling fundraiser to help the families of those affected, using their local feed to spread the word throughout the community and raising over $3500 in the first 2 days alone. Our hearts went out to those affected, and we were inspired by the OSU community for rallying around each other with love and support during a difficult time.

Most Photogenic Campus

University of South Carolina had one of the most highly upvoted photo yaks of the year: one Yakker raising a toast to long-time Coach Steve Spurrier upon the announcement of his retirement.

Most Politically Engaged Campus

University of Colorado Boulder is gearing up for the election year. Boulder – we were seriously impressed by your happenin’ feed when the Republican debate was held on campus on October 28.

Best Football Rivalry

University of Central Florida vs University of South Carolina for their infamous Best Friend Bowl. While college football rivalries typically bring to mind epic pranks and trash talking, students at UCF and USC decided to turn typical pre-game antics on its head. Instead of hurling insults, the schools jumped on Yik Yak to compliment each other. 

Honorable mentions go to Georgia Tech vs University of North Carolina

…and to University of Maryland vs University of Michigan

Social Butterfly

This year we introduced a new way to share yaks with friends, and campuses jumped on this opportunity to connect and keep your friends caught up on all the latest humor and news around campus. This award (which we’ve only given for US campuses…see below for more!) goes to the schools that most often connected through shared yaks:    

Most Yaktive Campus

And finally, here are the campuses that wowed the Yak with your humor, passion, and idea-sharing en route to earning top spots as the most active Yik Yak communities: