5 Reasons Your Organization Should Create a Profile


As the school year gets into full-swing and organizations gear up for another awesome semester, we wanted to highlight how profiles (as well as other cool new features that make local connections even easier) can be really useful and effective for orgs on campus.

Making a profile for your organization or club will provide additional visibility on campus, provide a place to establish a unique voice, and connect with your community. Through yaks, your profile, and #Now, you can easily share events, important information, contact info, and new member activities with your herd.

Check out the top 5 reasons your campus organization should create a profile on Yik Yak

1. Instant audience. Your yaks instantly reach everyone around you – no need to solicit students to add or follow you. Starting with your organization’s first yak you will have an immediate audience with all the yakkers on your campus!  

2. Share information quickly & easily. Information in your organization’s profile provides students with your contact info, important news, and social links. Now it's really easy to spread the word about what your organization is up to.

3. Establish your voice. Your profile and yaks are ways to establish your unique voice in your community. Your group is known for being witty? Show it off with your content! You created an amazing poster for an upcoming fundraiser? Share it with your herd!  

4. Connect with your community. Students can initiate chats with you directly from your profile. This gives your org the ability to talk to about meetings, opportunities for involvement, upcoming events, and logistics 1-on-1 with students in your herd. 

5. Discover potential new members. With features like profiles, Local Yakkers, and #Now, you can discover students who might be great new members based on their interests and hobbies. Enable Local Yakkers so others can discover your organization's profile as well! 

You’re sold? Wahoo! Here are some tips for making the most of your org's profile: 

  • Use a photo: Profiles with photos not only look better, but get more views! Use a pic that expresses what you guys are all about.
  • Include detailed info in your bio: Your org’s bio should include general information about you guys, and whatever additional info would be useful and interesting to your herd. What’s your first big event? When do you allow new members to sign up? Where do you hold weekly meetings?
  • Add social links: Link to your website, FB, Instagram, etc. to further show your herd what you’re all about.  
  • Enable Local Yakkers: Enabling Local Yakkers will allow students on campus to discover your profile.
  • Chat up your community: Not only can other Yakkers request to chat you from your profile or a yak if they have a question, but you can also reach out to students who seem like they would be a good fit!

Some other important things to know: 

  • You can change your handle right from the profile edit screen. 
  • Currently, each phone number can only have one handle, and only one phone number can be attached to the handle for your organization (which means only that handle can post on behalf of the organization’s profile).

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions!