85% of Yakkers aren’t budging – Trump’s speech not the game-changer


The podium is empty, lights are no longer ablazing, and Quicken Loans Arena can finally take a breather. At the end of an eventful week that culminated with Donald Trump’s presidential acceptance speech last night, what did everyone think? Are you ready for round 2 next week at the DNC? 

After Thursday night’s speech, we asked Yakkers whether Trump’s oratory changed your mind one way or the other, and 85% of y’all told us that it didn’t changed the opinion you’d held going into the convention. (To break that down further, 23% said you supported him and 63% said you disliked him coming into the night). The fact so few people were swayed one direction in either direction indicates that Trump has some serious ground to make up with young people, since at the close of the speech only 37% indicated that you currently support his presidential bid

Who...Mike Pence? 

Last week, Trump named Pence as his VP pick – and Yik Yak feeds across the country  immediately took off as Yakkers began discussing their opinion of him. Among yaks posted prior to Pence’s speech at the convention, only 23% expressed approval (and Hoosier State yaks hit just 18% approval). However, his VP acceptance speech on Wednesday night appeared to win him some points – 49% of yaks posted since the speech gave Pence high marks, suggesting he might be a convincing factor in supporting a Trump-Pence ticket. 

Who else did you yak about? 

The GOP National Convention brought a long list of high-profile names and faces to the stage, and this word cloud shows which of the supporting cast sparked the most attention among Yakkers.

Melania Trump’s speech (and its eerie similarity to Michelle Obama’s in 2008) generated the most attention, capturing more than 50% of all yaks about the RNC’s supporting speaker lineup. Students today are constantly reminded of the dangers of plagiarism,so many of you wondered how a potential future first lady’s speechwriters missed that section of the syllabus. Turnitin, anyone? 

Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement was the other noteworthy moment in Yakkers’ eyes, and the topic of nearly 20% of your conversation about the GOP speeches. And though Cruz was consistently one of your least-favorite candidates during the primaries, you saw things differently in Cleveland. Of yaks that discussed his speech, 57% applauded his brazen move, while 33% saw it as disloyal.

Everyone who’s anyone is talking about it – but who talked the most?

Yakkers have been super engaged in the election season so far – and this week, 5% of all yaks across the app have been about the convention (to put things in perspective, 9% of all yaks in the first few days following Pokémon Go’s release were about the game, so that’s really saying something!). This map shows which state had the most “political yaktivity” as a portion of total in-state yaks. 

Did you turn to your local feed to chat about what was going down at the RNC? Luckily (ha) we get a chance to do it all over again starting Monday when the DNC rolls into Philadelphia. Cue another week of bands, balloons, sign-waving, and yakking about it all on your local feeds! And watch for the Democratic National Convention feed that compiles yaks from around the country in the herds tab of the app – will your yak be featured? 

Contributing authors: Hilary McQuaide, Olivia Boger, & Rosalee MacKinnon