And Then There Were Four


Another weekend of games have come and gone, taking the March Madness field from 16 to 4. Yakkers flooded their local feeds with elation, devastation, and every emotion in between. Some of the yaks were pretty funny. Let’s recap the highlights, shall we? 

Putting the Madness in March

The weekend started early (who doesn’t love that), with games on Thursday night. No surprises there – the #2 seeds Villanova and Oklahoma and the #1 seeds Kansas and Oregon triumphed in big wins all around. Perhaps the most celebrated was Oregon’s win over #4 Duke, the team everyone loves to hate. Don’t worry Devils, I still love ya! 

On Friday, the #1 seeds UNC and Virginia took big wins and #6 Notre Dame outscored #7 Wisconsin, 61-56. The stunner of the night had to be #10 Syracuse’s last minute win over #11 Gonzaga, after they trailed by as much as 11 earlier in the game. 

Saturday is when things got crazy...or should I say ‘mad’? #2 Oklahoma knocked out #1 Oregon and — as if Michigan State’s early loss wasn’t enough — brackets were even further busted when #2 Villanova took the win over #1 Kansas. 

The surprises continued on Sunday, when #10 Syracuse came from behind to stun #1 Virginia, 68-62. It was a heartbreaker for UVA, and a big deal for a #10 seed to make it to the Final Four. In the last game of the night, #1 UNC dominated #6 Notre Dame, 88-74. 

Love is Love

Yak Madness gives me the warm fuzzies because I love seeing how local communities come together to support their defeated teams. As the tournament continues on, a loss can feel even more devastating, with visions of the final being snatched away. Yet without fail, Yakkers stay true to their teams, spreading their love and school pride through the ups and the downs – and that’s the true meaning of community. 

Signing off for now. Tune in to Yik Yak on Saturday for the Final Four – the competing schools’ feeds will be featured in the Herds tab of the app and on Yik Yak on the web. Until then, I want to revert back to not seeing a basketball, not hearing about basketball, and not talking about basketball (especially not talking about how I dropped to fourth place in the company pool).