Are You Feeling the Bern or Coming Down with a (c)Hill?


And then there were two. After a big night in Iowa this week, Yakkers dove back into Election 2016 last night for the MSNBC Democratic debate featuring the final Dem hopefuls, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Sanders has long been Yakkers’ favorite, and last tonight was no different. Bernie finished the night with 48.6% approvalcompared to 24.5% disapproval. On the flip side, Clinton had just 8.1% approval (which was actually up slightly from the previous debate, when she registered 7.6% approval). But with the election intensifying, differences in opinion did too – and last night Hill had her highest level of disapproval (76.9%).

For as polarized as the sentiment was, conversation was split fairly evenly between the two candidates: Clinton was mentioned in 52.4% of yaks, Sanders in 47.6%. Hill received her most mentions in New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts while Bern received his highest in New York, Texas, and Ohio.    

The University of New Hampshire’s Yik Yak feed was especially bumpin’ (they hosted the debate) – there were even some pics posted by Yakkers inside the theater.

The Republicans (especially Trump and Paul) continued as the hot topic for discussion, followed by foreign policy and the economy.

Next up? Trump & Co are back at it on Saturday (8 pm ET), New Hampshire goes to the polls on Tuesday, and then the Hillary Bernie Show returns to the debate stage next Thursday. With a hotly contested race to the White House in full steam, you won’t want to miss out on any of the action – join your fellow Yakkers to chat about it each step of the way!