Bernie Gains and Hillary Wanes in Last Night's Democratic Debate


The Dems were back at it again with the CNN debate last night as Hillary and Bernie took the stage to face off in Brooklyn. It was like oil and water with these two – with tension flaring as New York’s primary approaches on Tuesday – and Yik Yak feeds across the country were buzzing. In the month since the last Democratic debate, Yakkers’ sentiment toward the two candidates has polarized even further. Hillary Clinton saw her best debate approval in early February (13%), but has been in the single-digits since. Last night, she saw her lowest approval yet: 4.6% (and 59.6% disapproval). 

Bernie Sanders, the consistent favorite among Yakkers, has held steady throughout 2016 (ranging from 48-50% approval in the debates). Last night, he earned his highest approval yet: 56.9% (17.4% disapproval). 

Candidate sentiment.png

In terms of mentions, however, Hill snagged 55.5% of the conversation on Yik Yak compared to Bernie’s 44.5%. When it comes to the issues Yakkers discussed most, it was the economy, Republicans, and foreign policy which trumped the conversation (pun intended).   

You can check out more yaks from the debate by visiting the "🔥 NYC Democratic Debate" feed in the app today! Things are definitely heating up as the road to the conventions continues – stay tuned!