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Walls to Life

We’re proud to announce that the renovations to our headquarters have finally been completed! If you remember, we finally moved into our own office space back in April, and we brought in Kyle Brooks, a local Atlanta artist, to help bring our walls to life..

Last month, we renovated our kitchen. The kitchen is a special place for us: it brings people together for food, impromptu catch ups while at the fridge, product demos on Friday, and it holds our weekly herd meetings. It’s where we come to gather and interact with each other. The new cabinets and countertops look superb, but we still felt as though something was missing, which is why we brought in Barry Lee and his assistant Alan Chiang to help add some extra flavor.

I sat down with Barry to talk about his style and his inspiration behind the piece.

“I wanted to create a piece that reflects my style as an artist but you guys as a company. I fell in love with bright colors because I grew up in the ‘90s, and I think those colors bring a nostalgic factor to the painting.”

Barry had heard of Yik Yak “here and there” before creating the mural, but it was our graphic designer, Daniel Haire, who really brought us to his attention. 

“I did a mural for Octane Coffee [a local coffee shop in Atlanta], and it was my first mural…I had run into Daniel, and he told me he liked it and wanted me to come do some things at Yik Yak. Even though I had heard of yik yak here and there, I got a sense of the company’s quirkiness from Daniel’s work and from just being around here on the tour, and I felt my style fits in perfectly.”

Barry also reps Atlanta very hard. He’s done a ton of work around the city and has an upcoming show on Dec. 4th with our friend Kyle Brooks. 

I encourage you all to check out Barry’s website and Instagram to learn more about his artwork!