Celebrating the Super User

Super User

One question we get asked a lot is “What is a good Yakarma score?”  We’ve seen a quite a few outstanding scores on our Spring Campus Tours; one student we ran into from the University of Auburn showed us his score of 90k – that’s some serious yakking!

While high Yakarma scores can be impressive, one student from Florida State University knocked our socks off with more than just a number. This Seminole student wowed us with his story of determination and devotion to the brand. He wrote:

FB Message

Well, have no fear! The mythical & magical Yak is here to save the day! Our tour bus had already departed from the FSU campus, but we were sure to send this student his beloved socks (as well as some other goodies!) for all of his hard work.


Devoted users like this are not alone; there are students just like this one on college campuses across the country who are loyal and faithful users of Yik Yak. They don’t do it for the free socks and sunglasses - they do it to have a place where their voice matters; they are loyal to their herds. In a recent interview with The Daily Tar Heel, the campus newspaper for UNC Chapel Hill, our East Coast Tour manager Joe Barry said, “You’ll see the person you would least expect to have the highest Yakarma score walk over and show you they have, like, 50,000…I think that’s the coolest part of Yik Yak — everyone and anyone has a chance to have their voice heard.”

So this goes out to you, super users — you know who you are! Thank you for being a part of our herd!