Changed Your Mind? Change Your Vote!


It’s another beautiful day here at the Yik Yak HQ and our hooves have been hard at work on this new update. You guys are constantly bringing new ideas to the table and we love it! We’ve got some cool stuff in the works and are super stoked to share them with all of you.

Change Your Vote

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. It’s true. Maybe your fingers slipped or maybe you just changed your mind, but you don’t want your vote to be final! We get it. Now, you’ll be able to change your vote as often as Katy Perry changed her wardrobe during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Voting Gif

Building a Safer Yik Yak

We want everyone to have a fun and positive experience with our app, so we take threats, bullying, and inappropriate content very seriously. It’s not cool to target other people and we want to make the reporting process as smooth as possible. With this update, we’re including a new reporting feature which asks for and takes into account why you’re reporting a yak. This will help us improve our system of dealing with bad content.


Voting On Fictional Peek Locations

You love reading and submitting to our Fictional Peek Locations, and now you’ll love voting on them just as much. This is how it’s going to work: when you submit something and the Yak approves it, you’ll get 50 Yakarma points, but you won’t get any Yakarma points for any votes you receive after that. Just trying to keep things fair, ya dig? Let the best Yaks win!