Clear-eyed. Big-hearted. #SOTU


Obama channeled Coach Taylor in his final State of the Union address last night, and Yakkers were into it. During the president’s speech, 5% of yaks post were about DC’s big night. On college campuses around the country, local feeds were full of Yakkers hyping campus watch parties and encouraging peers to tune in. We were seriously impressed by your civic calling.


Among yaks specifically discussing Obama’s address, 47% of yaks approved of the speech (whereas 23% disapproved and 30% were neutral). Geographically, the speech’s highest approval came from the West (68%) and the region with the highest disapproval was the Midwest (28%, though approval was still 40%). The president’s rousing rhetoric was the most frequently-mentioned reason for the high support: 

Of yaks that talked about President Obama in general, the level of support was higher: 54% approved of his performance (30% disapproved, 17% were neutral). His highest level of approval came from the Northeast (70%), while the Midwest and South registered the highest disapproval (35%, though he still had 51% approval in the Midwest and 46% approval in the South). A recurring theme was the somewhat nostalgic recognition that Obama has been president for about as long as we can remember: 

After the speech was over, Yakkers weighed in with their thoughts on how the night had gone by voting in a US-only poll in the Peek tab. A large majority (6791 net votes) said that the president’s address was more refreshing than what you’ve been hearing from the campaign trail. Another big group (3093 net votes) expressed sadness that this was President Obama’s final State of the Union address and even wished that he could return for a third term. (Hmm, wonder how Michelle would feel about about that…)

While many Yakkers gave the thumbs up, another equally large group (3055 net votes) said they were grateful that there was only one more year left in the president’s term, and others (2370 net votes) thought his speech sounded very “typical” for a Democrat. And, phew! Only a minority (1541 net votes) weren’t aware of what the State of the Union was… #smh. 

The theme of POTUS’ address was geared toward making changes in the coming years, and the direction those changes go will depend heavily on what happens in the 2016 election. That outcome can be influenced by you —the youth vote!— and Yik Yak will be there through every step of the election, providing a place for you to discuss and ask questions with your community. We’ll start with the Fox Business Network Republican Debate Yak Chat on January 14th, 9PM ET. That’s tomorrow, so be sure to peek in for the first debate of 2016 and let your voice be heard!