The conventions are over; who impressed you the most?


After two dramatic weeks in Cleveland and Philadelphia, we can take a big breath and focus on the upcoming release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Wait – you mean the race to November 8 is on in earnest now?

As we did at the end of the RNC, last night we asked Yakkers whether Clinton’s DNC speech had influenced your opinion of her as a candidate. Clinton’s 35% approval coming into the night climbed slightly to 39% after her speech, giving Clinton a 4% boost in approval from her speech. Compare that to the RNC last week, where Trump saw an 11% boost in millennial approval, from 26% to 37% after his speech.

Battle of the VPs: Kaine vs. Pence

As Clinton and Trump mulled running mates, Yakkers across the country chimed in with opinions around who each should pick as their VP. The overwhelming choice for Clinton was Elizabeth Warren (74%); Kaine was a distant second (9%). For Trump’s second-in-command, Yakkers had wanted Newt Gingrich (55%) or Chris Christie (27%); only 8% of you preferred Pence. So the table was set for each of the VP nominees to introduce themselves at their convention.

At the DNC this week, Kaine saw a slight boost in approval from his convention speech (39% to 42%). And though he’d started from a lower approval rate to begin with, Pence jumped from 23% to 49% approval after his speech at the RNC last week. However, by the end of each convention the two candidates were polling relatively evenly. Who will you be excited to hear more from on the campaign trail?

Who else did you yak about?

Among the numerous speakers (and voices, hi Morgan Freeman!) at the DNC this past week, this word cloud shows who among Hillary Clinton’s supporting case sparked the most attention among Yakkers.

So Bernie, of course. But first let’s talk about the Obamas, since our generation has essentially grown up with their family in the White house. Of yaks discussing President Obama’s speech, 71% cheered him and felt sentimental about his upcoming exit. Still, POTUS was surpassed by FLOTUS – 79% of yaks about Michelle’s speech were awestruck (with some hoping for #Michelle2020). 

And yes – overall, former Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders dominated the conversation, taking nearly 50% of the yaks about Clinton’s supporting lineup. The predominant sentiment was of Yakkers who still #feelthebern, but 4% considered switching to the Trump Train and 3% expressed solidarity with Sanders in saying #ImWithHer.  

Talking politics is all the rage, but who has the most to say?

This election season has had Yakkers on the edge of their seats – driven largely by excitement behind Bernie Sanders – and this week, more than 9% of all yaks were about the Democratic convention. States like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois were particularly tuned in. Where does your state fall?

In comparison, 5% of yaks last week were about the RNC, with a different set of most-engaged states.

There’s basically 100 days or so until Election Day, and there’s a lot more election chatter and events to come. In the meantime, pop into the Herds tab of the app and let us know: If the election was held today, who’d get your vote?

Contributing authors: Hilary McQuaide, Olivia Boger, & Rosalee MacKinnon