Choo Choo! Clinton Speeds Past the Trump Train


Throughout the primary election season, Hillary Clinton has struggled to appeal to Yakkers. Not so long ago, during the April Democratic debate, she received her lowest approval yet – bottoming out at 4.6% approval. Common themes fueling this low approval included her seeming lack of authenticity and the struggle to trust what she says. Oh, and Yakkers were feeling the Bern pretty hard. 

So it might come as somewhat a surprise that in a June poll of 18,000 Yakkers, Clinton leapt to a 16-point lead over Trump. 

With previous Yik Yak favorite-Bernie out of the running, are Yakkers transitioning their hashtags from #FeelTheBern to #ImWithHer? To understand this phenomena a bit better, we looked at the words most commonly associated with Clinton and Trump during the month of June. 

Already in the first week of July, Clinton's "damn email" saga has been on the forefront, and Trump has had (another) tweet scandal. Never a dull moment! How will these developments affect voters moving forward? Will Hillary continue to trump the Trump? Will a third party candidate make a move for undecided voters? Only time will tell, but as of June, 47% of Yakkers were Team Hillary while 31% were Team Trump. And what of all those Bernie fans – where will your allegiance turn? Stay tuned for more as the race to the White House continues!