2 Months To Go: Clinton Supporters Get In Formation With A 10-Point Lead Over Trump


Clinton's 10-point lead still strong, but narrowing

We’re approaching 2 months until Election Day (what!?), and as the big day looms closer we asked Yakkers: If the election was today, who would get your vote? In a poll of 15,000 Yakkers, 39% are #WithHer and 29% are on the Trump train. Another 20% back Gary Johnson (and he is currently polling second in 10 states, as well as DC), 5% are for Jill Stein, and 7% remain undecided. This map shows which states’ Yakkers currently favor which candidate. 

When we asked the same question in July, Clinton had a 12-point lead over Trump, down from a 16-point lead in June. Overall, the two candidates’ leads have become less pronounced over time. Check out the state-by-state shift: 

Donor revelations deepen Yakkers' mistrust of Clinton 

Although Clinton maintains her lead vs. Trump, Yakkers continue to harbor feelings of mistrust. 

Because it’s been such an eventful election season, with new ‘scandals’ emerging almost weekly, we asked Yakkers which recent campaign news you found most concerning. 42% were most concerned by potential conflicts of interest among the Clinton Foundation and its donors. At a regional level, that was also the top issue of concern for millennials in 44 states. The ongoing controversy around Hillary Clinton’s emails was another alarming topic (29%), as was Donald Trump’s campaign team shake-up (22%).

Everyone's talking about it: third-party candidates & major-party controversies 

As November approaches, Yakkers are sorting through their thoughts about the election with the people are them, organizing campus voter registration drives and reacting to local campaign rallies. Check out the words most commonly associated with Clinton and Trump during the month of August.  

Contributing authors: Hilary McQuaide, Olivia Boger, & Rosalee MacKinnon