Escape to Everest: Kev

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"Music is something that should be felt." Kev is a firm believer that music should move someone in one way or another. Studying the Suzuki method of classical piano since he was 5, he learned to love music and decided to pursue it as a career over a decade later.

Kevin Concepcion, born and raised in Sacramento, CA, attended Berklee College of Music right after high school. After a year of education, he decided that the best move was to move back to California and pursue music on his own. Taking what he learned from the school and the people he met, Kev is trying to move the world with timeless songs.

With influences that range all the way from Bill Evans to Drake, Kev is currently displaying his diversity through his releases on SoundCloud. However, as he pushes his career forward, he is focused on creating music that he feels is more meaningful to himself and others.

As time goes on, Kev is becoming more and more proficient at production, writing, DJing and engineering allowing him to push the agenda of his idea of art and to be able to cause people to experience certain emotions through music.

This exclusive mix he made for us is definitely going to take you on a journey of emotions. Make sure you check out Kev’s song “Fragments” on Spotify and iTunes and if you’re on the west coast, catch him playing at Minna Gallery this Saturday, April 2!


Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby

kev - Evening News

Bryson Tiller - Don't (Sango & Chris McClenney Salguiero mix)

cehryl - Pockets


Krs. - Faking It (w/ Mars Today, Maurice Moore, Khary, & BNJMN)

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Caretaker

Swell - I'm Sorry (ft. Shiloh)

Julius - Disappointed

kev - September

west1ne - The Elks

Monte Booker - Kolors

montell2099 - baebae

kev - You're Mine (Selfish)

kev - Flirt


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