Get Donald Trump To Pay For It


Drops the mic. 

Last night was the 5th Republican debate, and it brought plenty of memorable moments. Whose strategy on defeating ISIS earned your approval? How did Yakkers react to the Trump-Bush showdown? When the dust settled, Rand Paul was the runaway winner among millennials, earning the highest approval (66.7%) and the lowest disapproval (9%) of any candidate. Yakkers had Marco Rubio in second with 49.4% approval.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the night was Carly Fiorina, who surged to third place in approval (38.6%) after having the third-lowest approval the previous debate.

Jeb Bush also moved upwards in the discussion on Yik Yak; aided largely by his bouts with Trump, he had the fourth-highest approval (32.3%) after registering the second-lowest in the last debate.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump dominated the conversation, getting over a third of the mentions on Yik Yak. However Yakkers gave him the second-lowest approval (14.8%) and second-highest disapproval (47.4%) among all candidates.

For a debate that was supposed to be centered around national security, both the moderators and candidates did a decent job of staying on topic. 40% of yaks that mentioned issues focused on foreign policy. 

Yakkers were particularly impressed with Paul and Rubio’s foreign policy conversation. 

It is interesting (but not necessarily surprising) that the second most-discussed topic at 25.3% of the mentions is Democrats. When conversation got heated about President Obama, Yakkers defended their Commander In Chief.

And where were Yakkers chiming in from, you ask? These heat maps by candidate have your answer:   

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