Gloves Are Off: CNN’s Republican Debate


Last night was CNN’s Republican debate – the last one before voters hit the polls on Super Tuesday. Yakkers were particularly engaged with this one – 8.5% of all yaks posted during this time were about the debate, making it the most highly-engaged political event on Yik Yak to date!

Trump may have secured a resounding win in the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday – and almost half of all mentions tonight were about him – but what did those mentions say exactly? During the debate, Trump captured 49.3% of the conversation, but those also earned him the lowest approval (11.6%) and the highest disapproval (45.7%) of the candidatesPerhaps more significantly, his disapproval ratings in Super Tuesday states such as Texas, Virginia, and Georgia were even higher than his disapproval ratings app-wide. Will voters turn out to take a stand at the polls on Tuesday?  

Fighting for the backing of the Republican establishment, Rubio appeared to regain his lead among Yakkers in last night's debate. His 41.1% approval was the second-highest and his 19.2% disapproval was the second-lowest. John Kasich brought in the best numbers – 45.1% approval and 17.3% disapproval – but he had the lowest share of mentions overall.

In terms of overall mentions on Yik Yak, the fiery exchanges between Trump and Rubio contributed to Rubio capturing 19% of the conversation last nightcoming in second behind Trump. And despite (literally) begging for attention from the moderators, Carson managed to grab more mentions (13.6%) than both Cruz (10.8%) and Kasich (7.3%).

Things sure are heating up – stay tuned for more come Super Tuesday. Have an awesome weekend Yakkers!