Gotta Catch ‘Em All – With A Little Help From Yik Yak


Pokémon Go has officially taken the world by storm. As the generation that grew up collecting the cards and watching the show, we’re pretty pumped that our favorite 90’s classic game is being revived. 

Since the app was released, more than 14% of all conversation on Yik Yak has been about the game; the map below shows the breakdown by state. Savvy trainers have been using Yik Yak to find where unique Pokémon reside, determine which bus line is best for collecting Pokéballs, and glean tips for catching lures. And with people forming meetups with other local trainers to conquer their Pokédex together, the Pokémon Go phenomenon is connecting Yakkers in communities across the country. 

And after the first week of catching ‘em all, Yakkers’ current trainer team of choice is Team Mystic (Blue). Good luck catching ‘em all – stay tuned to your local feeds for tips and tricks from trainers around you!