Introducing: A New Way to Share


It’s Wednesday night. You should be studying, but instead, you’re scrolling through your campus Yik Yak feed when you come across a yak that’s so hilarious you let out a snort in the quiet section of the library.

Now, you probably want to share this laugh-inducing yak with your friends, but who knows if they’re gonna see it given how fast the feed is moving? And what if they wanna be able to upvote it and give that witty OP some sweet, sweet Yakarma?

Great news: the Yak’s got you covered.

In our newest release, we’re making it easy to share yaks with your friends — directly in the app! You’ll even be able to add a personal note for your friend. And if the yak originated from their local feed (or a Peek collection), they’ll be able to tap right into the yak to vote or reply on the thread! This feature will be rolling out to users over the next several weeks – you’ll know it’s available in your area when you see the “Share” icon appear on the yaks on your feed.

New Way to Share

Here’s how it works. When you come across a yak your friend would love, tap on the “Share” button in the bottom-right corner of the yak, add a brief note, select one or more friends from your Contacts, and tap “Send” – the yak will be on its way! They’ll get a notification letting them know you’ve sent ‘em something fun, and they can click right into the yak to view the very latest on that conversation.

Sharing is an opt-in feature, which means you’ll need to enable it in order to send (or receive) shared yaks. When the feature becomes available in your area, you’ll be walked through a quick set-up process to get ya started. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You’ll need to grant Yik Yak access to your Contacts. This is so you’ll have friends to select from! Yik Yak will use your Contacts in accordance with our Privacy Policy – you can view the updated version here.
  • You and your friend must both have each other’s number in your Contacts in order to share yaks with each other. This is because the feature is designed so you can only send and receive shared yaks from people you know and trust – those besties in your contact book :)
  • Obviously, you’ll both need to have Yik Yak installed on your phone. Otherwise, how’s your friend gonna vote or chime in to reply to Blue Compass? (If they’re not on Yik Yak, they’ll get a text message pointing them to the yak instead)

So when might you share yaks? We’ve all read those laugh-out-loud yaks about paying extra for guac at Chipotle – laughter is meant to be shared! Spot a yak showing the litter of puppies that are up for adoption? Alert those roommates who’ve been debating getting a dog. How about a yak announcing that your school snagged a top recruit in football next year? Or that there’s free (FREE!) ice cream outside the student center? Share the intel with friends who you know won’t want to miss out.

Give it a try when sharing becomes available in your area!