Introducing Chat


Yik Yak is all about helping Yakkers discover and create local connections within their community. We’ve seen Yakkers come together to do awesome things like giving back to a beloved campus employee and finding help for wounded campus wildlife, and we absolutely love it when communities unite like this. That’s why we introduced handles last month: to help communities feel even closer and more connected. 

What comes next is even cooler. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding chat to Yik Yak so that users who’ve posted with a handle can talk individually with other Yakkers in their local herd. (And yes, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you what has been by far your most-requested feature!)


Oh, the chats you’ll have!  

Have you ever yakked about finding someone’s keys but struggled to coordinate returning them to their owner? Seen a yak about an issue you could provide stellar advice on but wanted to share that info with OP individually instead? Had that feeling that you and another Yakker would vibe — same sense of humor, same taste in music — but couldn’t figure out the best way to reach out to start a conversation? 

There are tons of situations like these when it’d sure be nice to be able to follow up individually with a Yakker in your local feed. And with chat, you can! 

Here’s how it works. 

In the new version of Yik Yak – which is rolling out to users starting today! – you can request to chat with any user in your local herd who’s posted a yak or reply with a handle. That user will receive a notification telling them that you’ve invited them to chat (you’ll be identified by your handle). Once they accept your request, it’s go time!

A few things to keep in mind.

Handles are a key part of chat. Gotta know who you’re chatting with, after all, so make sure your handle is one you want representing you! 

Pro tip: If you’re wishing you’d chosen a different handle, you can request a change through the app – tap “More” and then “Contact Us” and choose “I want to change my handle.”

Also, we want you to chat only with the Yakkers you choose to chat with! That’s why on Yik Yak, you have the option to accept or delete any incoming chat request. And after you accept a request, you can still block the other user at any time. You can also send our support team an in-app contact request if you need additional assistance. 

Pro tip: For more help on blocking and other ways to maintain a positive experience on Yik Yak, check out our newly-launched Safety Center.

We’ve definitely heard you asking for the ability to chat with other Yakkers, and we’re super excited to now make it easier for you to build individual, personal connections with members of your local herd! 

Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Yik Yak from the App Store or Google Play so you can begin chatting today!