Introducing Profiles


How many times have you come across a truly laugh-out-loud yak and wished you knew more about the witty Yakker who posted it? Noticed someone in your community who consistently shares spot-on tips for the best grub in town and wanted to know more about your fellow foodie neighbor? 

From the beginning, our goal has always been to help you connect with the people around you, whether you know them or not. As your herds have grown, we’ve been adding features like handles and chat to help you build even more tightly-knit communities. Today, we’re excited to introduce our newest feature – profiles! – as yet another way to help you develop great local connections.

Your profile is a chance for you to express yourself to your community and show off what makes you YOU! We’ll start you out with some basics (your handle, your yakarma, and a randomly-chosen default image), but let’s be real, you’re way more interesting than that. So go ahead and swap in a new pic – might be your best funny face, a sunset silhouette, or your dog Frank. Tell people something special in your bio: are you passionate about extreme sports, the local pizzeria’s most consistent customer, the world’s best procrastinator? Maybe you even want to add links so people can find and follow more of your awesome content. (You can always add more tidbits later by going to the Me tab to edit your profile).

With profiles, you can also see what makes other Yakkers in your community stand out – just tap on the handle or profile pic next to their yak to learn more about their personality and interests!

Yik Yak is what it is because of the Yakkers around the country (and world!) who form amazing local communities through the app. We love hearing about the relationships your herds have built: the Binghampton band who found their lead singer through Yik Yak, the students at Webster who used Yik Yak to stage a Super Smash Brothers tournament on campus, and of course, all the local Pokémon meetups you’ve been organizing the past couple weeks! And now, profiles can help you spark these connections even more easily.

We’re stoked for you to be able to discover why the people in your community are unique and awesome, making your experience interacting with other Yakkers in your local feed so much richer. Profiles are just another way to help connect you to the people around you and make the world feel small again – and that’s what Yik Yak is all about. 

Download the latest version of Yik Yak from the App Store or Google Play and customize your profile until it shines!