Introducing: Week In Review Peek


The nightly news can get a bad rep for being “sad” or “depressing” with the headlines usually having somewhat of a somber tone. Well, here at Yik Yak we’ve decided to take the headlines and put a humorous spin on them to try and brighten up the news a bit. We are introducing a new Peek called Week In Review that will be featured every Friday and will highlight the best headlines from that week. But these ain’t your mama’s news headlines - these are written & submitted by the brilliant (and hilarious) minds of you - our users!

We will be collecting our personal favorite yaks from our Week In Review Peek each week to feature here on the blog. Here are our favorite’s from last week:

Marriage Equality

The big news story from last week was the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruling to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

This has been a very big debate for a long time in this country, many state governments made rulings of their own but for the first time the federal government decreed that same sex marriage was now legal at the federal level. This was by far the biggest news story of the week in America and yakkers had a lot to say on this topic.



There were also some major headlines in the sports world this week; sports is one of the major areas that gets ours yakkers pumped up & passionate! They are true and loyal fans of their sports teams and they aren’t afraid to let you know it! The biggest event the past week, of course, was that the FIFA Women’s World Cup is nearing it’s end.

The two big games to watch were USA vs. China and Germany vs. France; both the United States and Germany came out on top and will face out in the semi-final match on Tuesday, June 30th. Japan and England will also go head-to-head in the semi-final round on July 1st.

The U.S. Open in golf was also last week and nearly resulted in a 18-hole next-day playoff between Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth. Unfortunately, Dustin Johnson missed a too-close-for-comfort putt on the 18th and landed Jordan Spieth the victory. This is Spieth’s second win at a major, his first being in April at The Master’s, at only 21 years old.



Yakkers were also very chatty about topics in the entertainment world. Taylor Swift really shook things up when she sent a letter to Apple saying that she would remove her music from their new streaming service unless they started paying artists during the free trial period that they were offering to customers.

Artists all across the music industry were in awe of what T-Swift was able to accomplish. Meanwhile in the movie industry, Jurassic Park continued to trump the box office.


U.S. Presidential Election

Our users submitted hilarious yaks all day long that covered a wide range of news topics. They covered Donald Trump announcing his candidacy for the Presidential Election. They yakked about the new face on the ten dollar bill potentially being a woman.

They mentioned a headline about a new condom that changes colors if one of the involved partners has a sexually transmitted disease.


International & Technology

They yakked about International Yoga Day & there was even discussion about Gmail’s new “undo send” feature that lets you take back an email after you’ve sent it.


These yakkers are not only aware of the top news stories in the world, but they are clever and hilarious in the way that they are presenting these headlines. Be sure to peek into the Week In Review this week for more witty & brilliant yaks from our users!