Is Clinton breaking through with Yakkers? 43% are now more inclined to be #WithHer


Lights, camera, action! Last night’s presidential debate was a big audition for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – and we have lots to report back on about how Yakkers are feeling with just 7 weeks left until the election. Speaking of which, today is National Voter Registration Day! Are you registered to vote? If not, we’ve got you covered. It’s quick and easy – click here to make sure you can make your voice heard!     

And #aboutlastnight…Clinton and Trump went head to head on issues like the economy, race relations, and foreign policy. After hearing the candidates trade barbs on that last one, 39% of Yakkers said you don’t trust Trump on foreign policy issues (14% said he knows what he’s talking about), while 24% said you don’t trust Clinton (23% say that she knows her stuff). 

There was a lot of chatter about Clinton and Trump’s debate demeanor – cue Trump talking about his “winning temperament.” So how did that play out in your eyes? Clinton’s aura gave her slightly more of a boost than Trump: 33% of you said it made you like her more, while only 19% said the same for Trump’s demeanor

With NBC’s Lester Holt somewhere in the middle, Clinton and Trump went back and forth all night – Clinton scoffed at Trump’s “No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life,” and 33% of you thought it was the stand-out jab of the night. Other quips that caught your attention? 

As the dust settled, we asked Yakkers: based on the debates, how ya feelin’ about these two? Though there’s plenty of negativity toward both Clinton and Trump on feeds across the country, 43% of you said you’re more likely to vote for Clinton based on her showing last night. Trump’s performance did less to gain your approval – 28% said you’re now more likely to vote for him. Overall, neither can claim a clear-cut victory among this crowd, as 23% of you are still considering voting for a third-party candidate.

All in all, there was a lot of yakking going on about the election last night – 39% of all yaks app-wide, in fact. That’s huge (or should we say yuuuuge)! Trump was mentioned in 61% of all yaks that concerned a candidate directly – but the bigger question might be, where did your state rank in political “yaktivity”?

So the first debate is in the books…three more to go! Make sure to join your fellow Yakkers next Tuesday, October 4 to talk about those mostly-silent-til-now VP candidates (remember them? They’re the potential #2 head honcho!). And in the meantime…did you register to vote yet?? ;)

Contributing authors: Hilary McQuaide & Olivia Boger