Just 10 Seconds


There’s nothing like a Sunday night during a three-day weekend to draw people in for the first Democratic debate of the year… j/k. Despite the suspiciously odd timing of the debate (again), Yik Yak was as active as ever: over 7.5% of all yaks during the debate were about the Democratic showdown. So how did the candidates stack up according to Yakkers?

Bernie Sanders earned the most mentions (42.7%), and Hillary Clinton took second with 35.1%. Despite not getting nearly as much airtime as Hillary or Bernie, Martin O’Malley still garnered 22.2% of yaks, with more than a quarter of these talking about how little airtime he received.

State by state, Sanders received his most mentions in PennsylvaniaTexas, and Florida, while Clinton was mentioned most in MichiganNew York, and California.

In terms of sentiment, Yakkers continued to #FeelTheBern – Sanders had a 48% approval rating (compared to 27.7% disapproval). Clinton however, had a mere 7.6% approval(and 52.5% disapproval).

Looking at yaks from Iowa and New Hampshire, whose caucuses are coming up in February, Hillary’s disapproval levels matched or surpassed what she received country-wide: she had greater than 50% disapproval in both Iowa and New Hampshire along with low-single-digit approval. Bernie fared better country-wide than he did in these states, earning 42% approval in Iowa and just 15% in New Hampshire.

Yakkers discussed everything from Bernie’s hand motions to O’Malley’s “just 10 seconds” plea, but the most discussed topics were Republicans, the economy, and social issues.

It was a big night for the Dems, as pressure is mounting with Iowa and New Hampshire caucus dates looming closer. For more of our election coverage, jump onto the app onThursday, January 28th for the Fox News Republican Debate Yak Chat – it’s the last Yak Chat before the candidates from both parties head into the Iowa caucus on Feb. 1st and we know you’ll have a lot to say!