Long Live Afroduck


What if I told you that the most legendary member of the Ohio State Buckeye student body wasn’t one of their Championship athletes but a Crested Pekin duck who has graced the campus for half a decade and captured the hearts of the entire campus? This is the legend of Afroduck.

The famous Crested Pekin duck patrolled the waters of Mirror Lake and climbed to the top of the hot feed with every mention for several years. Unfortunately on the morning of January 27th, the famous fowl was found dead and the tragic news of his passing was announced on Yik Yak. Yakkers gathered together with their Buckeye herd to share their grief & reminisce over the memories of their fallen feathered friend.

One yakker working for OSU's Biodiversity office braved the cold weather and went out into the lake to retrieve the duck so that he could be taken to a taxidermy and his legend preserved. A GoFundMe has been created for the preservation of the duck; plans are to put him on display at OSU’s Museum of Biological Diversity.

Throughout the day, yakkers dropped by Mirror Lake and paid their respects for Afroduck leaving mementos and tokens of respect at a memorial site. Several yakkers even requested for the campus bagpipe player to play a special song in honor of the duck’s memory.

Buckeye yakkers even took to a special local peek and used it to share their special memories of Afroduck as they mourned together as a herd.

Even students from The University of Akron and Baylor University peeked in and offered their support.

Allison Martin, a Nursing Major at the University, offered her thoughts on the passing of the campus legend:

“I’m lucky to swim in a sea of 50,000 intelligent, ambitious, and diverse Buckeyes; but sometimes students’ self-comparison and controversy make me feel like I’m drowning. Afroduck always managed to float above those things. I discovered Afroduck’s fandom on Yik Yak as a freshman, and seeing him online or in person always pulled me out of my lostness. I was cheered up not only by Afroduck’s dope hairstyle, but at my knowledge that even the most intimidating upperclassmen loved it as well. Afroduck gave students something to unite around. While OSU students worked hard to earn their educations and speak out against injustice, he reminded them not to miss the world’s seemingly small opportunities for joy and laughter—a legacy that must be preserved in Buckeye nation and beyond.”

One little duck united a massive University on Yik Yak for several years; Afroduck & his legend will live on through the yaks that will be shared over time. Making the world feel small again one (yak) quack at a time.