Making Your World Feel Small Again


This is one of my favorite times of the year – the good-nervous feeling of being a freshman setting foot on campus to start your first year in your new home, the excited anticipation as a returning student coming back to your second home – and we’re thrilled to be along with you for the ride. (The Yak is really thrilled). We created Yik Yak to help you connect with the people right around you, whether you know them or not, and our favorite stories that we hear from y’all every day are the ones like these: 

Whether it’s a partner to tackle that impossible chem set with or a crew to just hang with, having authentic connections with the people right around you is a key part of feeling at home in your community. Since the start, we’ve been building Yik Yak to help empower these local connections – and today, we’re adding a bunch of features (and giving the app a fresh new look!) to match your fresh new start to the school year. Let’s take a quick tour!

Express yourself 

Start by grabbing a unique handle. This is how you’ll be known among your herd and it will appear on all your yaks, so let your handle be as awesome as you are. Other Yakkers in your herd can then tap on your handle to find out more about that cool person behind the content, so let your profile show off what makes you YOU! 

New today, you can also post what’s up #Now – are you watching football, studying for exams, learning to juggle? Share that in 18 characters (no spaces, emojis welcome 🔥 🎶 🍣 ⚽️) and it’ll appear for up to 24 hours on your profile. #Now is a short-and-sweet way to tell people what’s happening in your world and spark connections with Yakkers in your area. 

Exchange thoughts

Being able to have conversations with the people around you, whether you know them or not, has always made Yik Yak special. You can post interesting yaks: a tip about a nearby road closure, a question about the best local taqueria, an inside joke to give your herd a pick-me-up during the stress of midterms. When you’re digging a really great yak, give that Yakker an upvote. Better yet, chime in with a reply. Start a chat with another Yakker. All of these are ways to connect with the people in your community!

Explore your world 

You’ll also notice a sweet new Explore tab, which houses all sorts of additional ways for you to discover the people and conversations that are all around you. Here you can check out the trending topics that Yakkers are talking about now, chime in on global conversations or polls that you have an opinion on, and peek into other locations to see what the conversation’s like in that community (hello rival campus on a big game day). 

And new today, you can find and connect with the Local Yakkers around you: people in your area who you might not know yet but who could turn out to be your future friends or running buddies. With this feature – which will also appear on your home feed – you can search by #Now for other Yakkers who are up to the same things as you are (bio203studysesh😩 or watchingGoT👑 😱), or check in as you move across campus and then connect over a shared interest or hilarious quote in someone’s profile. It’s about feeling closer and more connected to the cast of characters that make your community what it is.

Our goal with Yik Yak is to help you develop great local connections – that’s why we introduced profiles last month and why, starting today, they’re now viewable with each yak or reply that you post. So much of the magic of Yik Yak comes from knowing that there’s always someone within your community to connect with and relate to, whether that means sharing a laugh, finding a shoulder to cry on, organizing an impromptu water balloon fight, or making an awesome new friend. That feeling of connection makes the world feel small again – heck, it’s what makes your community really feel like home – and it’s those magical moments y’all experience that inspire us every day.

These updates are rolling out in the App Store and Google Play today, so hop onto the latest version of Yik Yak and start exploring your world!