Nothing Sweeter Than Sixteen


Is it just me, or has this tournament been extra ‘mad’? 

After 4 days, 48 games, several stunning upsets, and a couple thrilling buzzer beaters – 16 teams move on in the Big Dance. And basketballs are permanently ingrained on my eyeballs. In case you weren’t able to catch all 48 games (You had to work? You needed to eat dinner? Excuses, excuses), here are the top moments of Yak Madness from rounds 1 and 2.   

Battle of the Boat Shoes

After #12 Yale pulled out an upset win over #5 Baylor, the Bulldogs were slated to play #4 Duke. Yik Yak (along with the entire internet) went crazy with wisecracks and memes about popped collars, bowties, sweater vests, boat shoes – need I continue listing stereotypical preppy clothing items. This was a particularly contentious face-off between two members of our team – neither of whom own boat shoes, for the record. I’ll let the yaks speak for themselves, especially because I might be a little biased (Go Devils!).   

Putting the Madness in March

It wouldn’t be March Madness without some crazy upsets, and this year surely hasn’t disappointed. One of the wildest moments so far has to be when #15 Middle Tennessee State University busted everyone's bracket with their 90-81 win over #2 Michigan State during their first round game on Friday. The word ‘Tennessee’ was the third-highest trending word on Yik Yak that day and ‘Michigan State’ was the top two word phrase. Other big surprises of round 1: #14 Hawaii beat #4 California and #14 Stephen F. Austin beat #3 West Virginia. Local feeds were electric with excitement over their big wins. 

Round 2 proved to be just as exciting. First, #11 Gonzaga took the W over #3 Utah, winning by a solid 23 points (ouch). Then #6 Notre Dame barely hung on against this year’s Cinderella team of Stephen F. Austin. And in one of the last games of the weekend, #7 Wisconsin beat #2 Xavier with a buzzer-beater 3-point shot. Yakkers gasped, cheered, and cried (oh wait, that was just me?).   

In Sickness and in Health

One of my favorite things to see during Yak Madness is how local communities come together to support their defeated teams. A loss of any sort can be quite the blow, but Yakkers stay true to their school pride – no fair-weather fans here. Supporting your school and your team through the ups and the downs is the true meaning of community.  

That’s all for now, it’s been a ball recapping with you. Tune in to Yik Yak on Thursday and Friday for the next round of games – the competing schools’ feeds will be featured in the Herds tab of the app and on Yik Yak on the web. Until then, I don’t want to see a basketball, hear about basketball, or talk about basketball (unless it’s to talk about how I’m in second place in the company pool).