On Wednesday, We Wear Pink


October truly seems like a magical month; there’s a good ratio of leaves on the tree to admire and leaves on the ground to crunch, the temperature is finally cool enough for you to stop getting back-sweat on the way to class, and you can find candy on practically every aisle in the grocery store! In the words of my literary hero Ann of Green Gables, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

For me, this month is bittersweet - because for me, October isn’t about the discounted candy and the pumpkin spice lattes (although, I do indulge heavily in both). October for me is very pink. It’s filled with specialty ribbons, bracelets, T-shirts & car magnets.

Last Christmas, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve heard people say before “you never think it’ll happen to you until it does” but I never realized how true that was. The support we received was overwhelming & my mom is a fighter. She fought it & she beat it; she is still fighting some of the repercussions of it today, but she beat it! Our last name is Hope for a reason!


The biggest thing that I learned through watching her battle was how much support these patients & their families need. I could name 15 people right now that I know personally who have fought or are still fighting this fight and need continued support. Fighters & survivors alike can both benefit greatly from something as small as someone saying “I’m here for you & I support you.”

The best thing about Yik Yak is that we - including you, the user! - have a unique ability to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We have the world (quite literally) at our fingertips, so let’s make the best of that!

In the month of October, Yik Yak will be promoting Breast Cancer Awareness with a recurring Peek every Wednesday. We encourage you to wear pink and yak photos of you and your friends to the feed to show your support! We have also created a limited edition pink T-shirt & will be doing giveaways throughout the month on our various social channels.


Remember, with our thoughts we make the world. So go out & make it!