Peek of the Week: Colgate University


There’s no denying it, finals week is super stressful and mentally exhausting. Late nights, copious amounts of caffeine, and “meals” that no mother would approve of can really take a toll on one’s psyche.

Last week, the faculty at Colgate University took over the school’s Yik Yak feed to share words of encouragement and positive thoughts during finals. This is the first time we’ve seen professors directly engage with students via the app, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. After very little deliberation, we chose Colgate University as our first Peek of the Week.

When we Peeked into Colgate’s feed, we found Yaks ranging from motivational quotes and study tips, to witty humor and Harry Potter references. Judging from the high number of upvotes on the professors’ Yaks, it seems they were well-received by the students.

So does this mean professors are actually real people with souls and a sense of humor? It would appear so, but we’ll need more empirical evidence to support this hypothesis before we make any definitive conclusions.

Check out some of our favorite Professor Yaks from the feed.

Students quickly jumped in to show their appreciation for their Professors’ support.

Building communities is what Yik Yak is all about, so watching these two seemingly “foreign” entities come together in a way that’s both fun and helpful really tickled our fancy.

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