Sneak peek... Yik Yak for the web is now in beta!


Picture this: You’re in the library attempting to write that paper on Neorealism vs. Realism, but you want one last little break before you really start making some progress. Except you knew what this “little break” would turn into if you brought your phone to the library too, so you did the absolutely unthinkable (and now totally regrettable) and LEFT YOUR PHONE IN YOUR DORM ROOM to avoid distractions. And now, you can’t think of anything else. What’s going on this weekend? Is the dining hall serving that killer Chicken Parm tonight? Have the squirrels finally succeeded in their plot to take over campus? IF ONLY I could take a quick peek at Yik Yak to find out!!

Ok so for those of you who’ve advance-planned a library study trip like that before, kudos. You’ve got way more self-control than most of us. But chances are you’ve all experienced that moment of wanting to check Yik Yak when, for some reason or another (cough, iPhone battery life, cough), you weren’t able to.

Whatever your impetus is, one thing’s for sure: part of helping you connect with the community of Yakkers around you means making it easy for you to do that in whatever way’s most convenient for you – and we want to give you the flexibility to yak away with your herd, whether that’s on your phone or your computer.

That’s why we’re really excited to let you in on a little secret. Today, we’re opening up a very early version of Yik Yak on the web to a small group of users! This limited availability, or “closed beta,” is something we do on certain features so we can get feedback from users as we build awesome stuff for you (after all, we want to create the best experience possible for y’all!)

So what’ll this web version of Yik Yak be like? We’ve designed things to function just like how you’re already familiar with using Yik Yak on your phone. Though there are a couple features we haven’t made available in the beta yet, you can find the usual Yik Yak goodies – stuff like voting, New and Hot feeds, My Herd (if you’ve got that set up), all our usual reporting flows, Peek tab collections… yaaaaassss. This is still an early version of Yik Yak for the web and there’s a LOT more great stuff to come, but we’re excited to get initial feedback from some of you as we build and expand on things.

If you’ve received an invitation to the closed beta, you can get started by pairing your computer with the phone number that you verified on the mobile app. You’ll then be prompted to retrieve a unique pin from within the app on your phone, which you’ll need in order to authenticate the web session. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think – we want your feedback!

Currently, the web version is available to just a small group of Yakkers from different communities. If you haven’t yet received an invite, sit tight as we loop you in over the coming months – and in the meantime, jump on over to the mobile app to yak away with your herd!