Spotlight On: California State University, Fullerton


There's so much going on on college campuses that sometimes it's hard to keep up! Yakkers at California State University, Fullerton make sure their herd is in the know, sharing (very important) events like Free Donut Day or providing information about club sports and local concerts. The Fullerton herd has a lot of fun together, and there are some awesome personalities on campus – like Larryface who replies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on almost every post. Check out some of these highlights! 

Rock on

Get involved 

Pro-tips from the pros 

Oh Larry! 

Fullerton's herd rocks! We know there are amazing things like these happening in Yik Yak herds around the world, and we love to hear from you – tell us how your community comes together!