Spotlight On: Do Something Nice Day


Boo! Happy October y'all! As we ring in the month, there's a lot to celebrate – today in particular. Today is Do Something Nice Day, a day dedicated to paying it forward to our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers. Of course, there’s no reason we shouldn’t do that every day. I'm continually touched by the empathy, compassion, and kindness I see in Yik Yak herds across the country. Some of my favorite stories from this past year have to be UGA's love for Miss Sandra, a Yakker shoveling snow for his neighbors at Dalhousie University, and Wellesley College's Leaky Beaker man. This week, Yakkers have been sharing the random acts of kindness that strangers have gifted them. Their stories of classmates who shared an umbrella on a rainy day and strangers paying for their gas or groceries are what it's all about!

Yakkers, what are you doing to celebrate Do Something Nice Day?

We want to know! Post about it in your local herds, and email us at [email protected]. Now get out there and make someone smile :)