Spotlight On: Georgia Southern University


Sometimes a group of people just click, and it’s apparent from Georgia Southern University’s herd that their campus is really vibing. GSU’s feed is a tight-knit community, full of inside jokes and local pro-tips. Yakkers are coming together around everything from workout classes, academic schedules, and a shared love of reading (can I come to your book club Kristennn07?!). It’s an inspiration to see Georgia Southern’s herd so ready and excited to come together as a community and improve the daily lives of their fellow Eagles. 

Books are boss 

Make 'em sweat 

Pro-tips from the pros 

And most importantly: what side should I get at Cookout?  

Georgia Southern's herd is lit! We know there are amazing things like these happening in Yik Yak herds around the world, and we love to hear from you – tell us how your community comes together!