Spotlight On: Rutgers University


Recently at Rutgers University, there were some very worried pet-owners after Twitch, a beloved cat of a Rutgers sophomore, went missing. Word spread through Yik Yak, and sighting of the cat filled their feed. The next day, Twitch was found and the Rutgers community collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Pets can oftentimes feel like family, and it warms by furry yak-heart to see Yakkers come together to reunite this duo. Keep it up Rutgers! Way to watch out for your herd. 

Rutgers was just the latest example of communities that came together on their local Yik Yak feed to find a missing pet. Yakkers at East Tennessee State University and University of South Carolina have also recently supported each other in finding their missing dogs. While their days started out ruff, Yakkers were able to help out these dog-owners!    

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