Spotlight On: Trent University


Trent University had an interesting week – a city-wide power outage during exams had professors, students, and even pets frazzled! 

On Sunday afternoon, a Yakker named Caitlyn noticed that her kitten Rosie was missing. Rosie is an indoor cat and is skittish of noises and other animals, so Caitlyn was particularly worried. She posted signs in the neighborhood and asked neighbors if they had seen missing Rosie. No luck. 

By Sunday night, Caitlyn was very concerned and decided to post to Trent’s Yik Yak feed letting everyone know that her kitten was missing. Despite everything going on, the community came together to help find Rosie and offer strategies to bring her home. “I was absolutely overwhelmed with the response my Rosie got! It’s amazing how eager everyone...was to help me find my kitten. My notifications were filled with suggestions on how to look for Rosie, well-wishes that I find her, and offers to keep an eye out for her around the school,” explains Caitlyn. 

One Yakker was especially helpful. They suggested putting familiar smells by the door so that Rosie would recognize them and come home. Caitlyn put out kitty litter and some of Rosie’s favorite treats and toys. Less than an hour later, Rosie showed up at the door– dirty and disheveled, but totally safe! 

“I’m so proud of the Yik Yak community for helping me. Knowing everyone was looking out for my kitten and sending me well-wishes really made the ordeal much easier,” says Caitlyn. 

Great job Trent Yakkers! We’re so glad Rosie is home safe and sound. One herd, one love. 

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