Spotlight On: University of Alabama & Clemson University in the College Football National Championship


University of Alabama beat Clemson University, 45-40, behind a stunning onside kick to capture the College Football Playoff National Championship Monday night. The competition was fierce, and naturally the Alabama and Clemson Yik Yak feeds were on fire. Among the expected trash-talk, it was nice to see the top of both feeds full of sportsmanship, respect, and admiration for the all-round electric play.

Congrats Bama on the championship win! Loved seeing y’all be winners on and off the field, as displayed by these yaks:

Clemson also deserves big kudos for not only putting on an all-star performance, but for being gracious in their defeat:

And just like that, college football season is over. Sadness! A big high-yak-footed-five to all the awesome teams that competed this season. See y’all next year! 

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