Spotlight On: University of North Texas


There’s no one better than your local peers to lift you up, cheer you on, or give you the necessary 411 when you’re in a pinch – and the herd at University of North Texas has really taken this to heart. Whether they’re clarifying practice details, giving advice on the best local shops, or sharing food (boss move with that bean burrito exchange, ohnobody and GodWalrus!) these Yakkers truly have each others’ backs. The North Texas feed is filled with encouragement, humor, and useful tips that help Yakkers feel right at home in their local community. Check out some of our favorite recent interactions from this standout herd!

Friends that eat together, stay together 

Extracurriculars FTW 

Words from the wise 

Lost and found 

Funko Pops galore 

University of North Texas has a really awesome herd! There are amazing things like this happening in Yik Yak herds around the world, and we love to hear from you – tell us how your community comes together!