Spotlight On: Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Looking for a job can be tough. Dressing to impress, studying up on companies, and practicing interview questions is oftentimes a stressful experience, especially when you're new to job hunting and are feeling too overwhelmed to even know where to start. 

Recently, an upperclassman Yakker at Worcester Polytechnic Institute decided to alleviate some of that pressure for fellow Goats by posting advice to their feed to help the WPI community think through how to achieve maximum impact and leave a good first impression at on-campus career fairs. Other Yakkers joined in with tips and tricks, creating a pretty comprehensive crowdsourced Career Fair Guide. Yakkers, take notes! 

Does your community have shared wisdom that can be passed around? Start up a joint resource of helpful tips for fellow Yakkers in your feed on the topics that matter most to your community! And we want to hear about it – tell us all the great things your community is sharing