Spotlight On: Yik Yak lovebirds from University of North Florida


It all started last January when Marla, a Yakker at the University of North Florida, took to Yik Yak looking to make friends and connect with her herd. One series of replies stuck out to Marla in particular – they came from a Yakker named Tanner, whose humor and camaraderie seemed to have the makings of a perfect friendship. After communicating virtually for several weeks, the Yakkers decided to meet for dinner.

They spoke for hours, and a month later started dating. A couple months later, Marla and Tanner got engaged. “We each thought we were gaining a new friend. Little did we know we would plan to get married. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I found my best friend and soulmate…We are SO happy!” gushes Marla.

Last week, these Yakkers got married! “A year ago, neither of us expected that we would be getting married so soon. We didn’t even know each other then!” says Marla. Us Yaks are hopeless romantics, so of course I got all the deets from the small wedding that let them celebrate with close friends and family. Their colors were Tiffany blue (I think it looks a lot like ‘Yik Yak Teal’ don’t you?!) and coral, and they included Christmas accents in their decorations, along with soccer balls and violas – Tanner is a soccer player and Marla is a violist. 

And we can’t forget the honeymoon! Marla filled me in on a trip that’s taken them through several states across the southeast (ice skating was a highlight), traveling spontaneously and enjoying time together; “Our honeymoon has been such an adventure! Meeting each other and getting married was such a dream come true.”

We are absolutely thrilled for the lovebirds, and wish them a life full of happiness!

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