Still #FeelingTheBern


Saturday night was the 3rd Democratic debate, and Yakkers were again confused by the DNC’s decision to air it at the same time as football games (ball is life) and on a night when many young people are out and about.

Despite the timing, Yik Yak’s ABC Democratic Debate Yak Chat was abuzz with talk of the candidates. Bernie Sanders was again the darling of the debate in terms of approval ratings, with 43.7% approval (vs. 21.8% disapproval). What’s more interesting is how much Hillary Clinton failed to appeal to the youth audience, registering just 9.1% approval (vs 48.5% disapproval).

Millennials preferred Clinton’s foreign policy chops, but struggled heavily with her demeanor; emotional anecdotes failed to resonate and she didn’t come across as genuine.Sanders – who was viewed as weak on economics and gun control – registered as the better defender of women’s rights and was seen as the more admirable persona all around.

Conversation was largely split between Clinton and Sanders, with Clinton taking the edge – 41.3% of total mentions were about her vs 37.5% about Sanders (oh yeah, and there was that O’Malley guy too).

Overall, the issues that generated the most conversation (aside from the Republican candidates and the differences between the two parties) were education, the economy, and foreign policy.

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May the force be with you.