The Countdown to November 8


After all the primaries, campaign stops, voter registration drives, SNL skits, and endless debates, we’re almost at the finish line, folks: Election Day is less than 2 weeks away! So how are you feeling about things? 

In a poll of over 5,000 Yakkers, opinions are divided: 37% of you are excited to finally GOTV, while 31% say you’re begrudgingly getting ready to cast your ballot. Another 30% are simply mad about the choices (and of that group, 72% plan to vote for a third-party candidate). One thing’s clear: Most opinions are set, as only 2% of you say they’re unsure who will get your vote.

And oh yeah – 88% of you are seriously doubting that Trump will accept the results.

You're about to cast a very big vote. How do you feel about your choice? 

It’s no secret that college campuses were passionate in support of Bernie, but the remaining candidates don't appear to inspire that same level of enthusiasm. We asked Yakkers to describe their emotions about their planned presidential vote, and found that 61% of those voting for Clinton are not thrilled about it: 43% call yourselves disappointed, 18% are resigned. Only 11% of those voting for Clinton say they’re excited. Meanwhile, though Trump has less support among Yakkers overall, 18% of those voting for him are excited to do so

In just about any Yik Yak feed, you’ve probably seen replied to a yak talking about Hillary Clinton's emails and that being something that generates mistrust toward her. In the wake of recent WikiLeaks disclosures, we polled 2,000 Yakkers and found that 69% of you are still somewhat or very concerned about what the emails expose, while 22% aren't concerned at all.

It's not ALL about Clinton and Johnson and Trump (oh Stein!). What about the other races? 

November 8 isn’t just about the presidential race – will y’all vote in down-ballot elections, too? Of 3,000 Yakkers polled who are eligible and plan to vote in this election, 98% of you say you’ll cast a vote for president, but over 50% say you’re planning to vote in other races as well. Go team!

The presidential race is the most popular category for Yakkers in every state, but while either Congressional or state races are second-most popular in most states, 5 of your home states broke from from the norm – was one of these yours?

  • In Mississippi and New Mexico, more Yakkers plan to vote for their local/city officials than in any other race besides president
  • In Maine, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island you’re feeling most inspired to vote for local measures specific to your district’s ballot

  • And what about the 2% of you who say you’re NOT planning to vote in the presidential showdown? We loved seeing that you still want your voices heard in other ways – local is again the biggest draw, as 61% of that group plan to vote for local measures specific to the district

That’s almost it on this long road to November 8 – except, let’s play broken record one more time: have you registered to vote? If you’re voting in states like Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, or Wisconsin the registration deadline hasn’t yet closed, so get yourself on the voter roll today so you can make sure your voice counts in November.

And in the meantime, we’ve got lots and lots of polls like this in the Herds tab of the app, so check it out daily and let us hear what you’re thinking ‘bout things!

Contributing authors: Hilary McQuaide & Olivia Boger