It's the Final Showdown… and 88% of Yakkers Worry Trump Won't Accept the Election Results


Wow team, we did it. After three presidential debates and one VP face-off, we’re done! And in less than 3 weeks we’ll see how this all pans out in the polls. So now that all is said and done (or is it…), what do Yakkers feel about perhaps the most unbelievable election of all time? 

Hypothetically speaking, would Trump concede?

Trump is keeping us in suspense (“I will look at the time”, anyone?), but Yakkers have a strong suspicion about whether they think he’ll accept the election results: 88% worry he won’t accept the results if they’re not in his favor.

There’s a lot at stake

Yakkers shared their views on some of the controversial topics that Clinton and Trump went back and forth over last night:

  • 54% believe the 2nd Amendment should be upheld, compared to 46% who believe it needs modifications.
  • 73% of Yakkers believe in a woman’s right to choose, while 27% are pro-life.
  • 62% say borders should be secure but open, while 38% believe they should be tightened and a wall built. 

Meanwhile, 48% don’t trust either candidate with nuclear codes. Of those who do, 35% feel confident Clinton gaining access while 17% would rather delegate that to Trump.

Yup, you heard that right

Last night's shocking one-liners had everyone on Yik Yak buzzing. When polled on each candidate's most memorable quotes, Trump referencing “bad hombres” was the quote that took the cake, followed by his side-but-not-side comment of "such a nasty woman" (4th overall). Clinton's memorable lines? Her jab about "undocumented immigrants in this country paying more taxes than a billionaire" (2nd) and her telling Trump he’s the "most dangerous person to run for President" (3rd). Those are some serious burns! Or should we say Berns...(too soon??).  

And that's a wrap 

So amid a turbulent and unpredictable election, and at the end of their final head-to-head showing, how did Clinton and Trump fare with Yakkers overall? For Clinton, 44% felt more favorable towards her after last night’s performance; on the other hand, Trump continues to perform poorly with Yakkers and 54% felt less favorable towards him after the final debate. 

Yakkers were tuned in: 31% of all activity across Yik Yak was about the debate. Clinton received her most mentions in North Carolina, while Trump saw his peak mentions in Florida.

So what’s next?

The debates might be over, but the election surely isn’t. First of all, if your state’s deadline hasn’t passed and you haven’t yet registered (GASP!) – please do that now, click here and it’ll take 2 minutes. 

Stay tuned for more as we approach November 8 – and in the meantime, check out some more real-time reactions from last night.  

Contributing authors: Hilary McQuaide & Olivia Boger