The Walls Are Alive at Yik Yak HQ

People & Culture

In April, the Yik Yak HQ moved out of the Atlanta Tech Village and into our very own office space. It was a huge step for us, and Brooks and Tyler were stoked to finally have a place that was large enough for our team to grow and flourish.

We tore down walls, picked out new carpet and did just about everything we could to make it our own. Everything was practically perfect, but something was still missing…. Luckily, it didn’t take long for us to figure out the problem — our walls were too boring! We needed to add something vibrant and funky. Something that would really stand out and make people stop in their tracks.


So we enlisted the help of Kyle “Black Cat Tips” Brooks, a southern Street Folk artist from Atlanta. Kyle’s work can be seen on billboards, murals, and signs throughout the city. His artwork is colorful, fun and a little out of the ordinary, which is what drew our attention to him right off the bat.

Kyle Painting

Over the past two weeks, Kyle spent countless hours in our office, painting away.

Kyle and Tyler

And although we tried our best to not interrupt him while he worked, sometimes the urge to ask a question was too hard to resist.

Kyle’s biggest inspiration for the mural was, oddly enough, our signature green color. “I found it a year ago after finding some “oops” paint,“ said Kyle. If you’ve never heard of "oops paint,” it’s paint that people return to the store after discovering that it’s not quite what they were looking for. “They (Yik Yak) also requested that I make the mural yak-related and use you guys’ color, so I figured the yak needs to live somewhere so we made the talking mountains,” he explained.

Quarter Piece

You’ll notice that the mural has a slew of electric characters nestled in each scene. In this particular scene,"my man here started out in a boat, but now I’ve got him coming up from the ladder, and he’s going to put a quarter in the ear here,” Kyle said with a grin on his face.

Ham Elephant Piece

Although it wasn’t planned, the ham and the elephant are Kyle’s favorite characters.

Final image
full mural

The final product is better than anything we could have imagined! We are incredibly grateful to have had the chance to get to know Kyle and to have such a unique piece of art displayed on our walls for all to see! What was once barren is now bright and full of life! And you just can’t help but smile as you make your way down the hall.


You can check out more of Kyle’s artwork by visiting his Website, Instagram, or Facebook page.