Top 5 Fictional Peeks of 2014


Over the summer, we introduced a feature called “Peek.”  Peek allows users to look into areas besides their local community. It gives us all an opportunity to see what other people are talking about, check in on football games, or pretend we’re living in fictional worlds.  The fake worlds and general lists are categorized under the “Featured” header on the Peek page and are changed by the Community Management team almost daily.

Here are our favorite posts from the top 5 most visited Fictional Peek Locations of 2014.

5. Do Not Click This

If you saw this on the peek page and didn’t click it, I don’t trust you. It’s impossible not to click something like this and upon clicking people were treated to a feed that berated them for “lacking discipline” because…well, we thought it was funny.

4. Yik Yak Shark Tank

Among the hundreds of submissions that read “An app that can…” and just said something cool, there were several posts that were truly amazing ideas.  There really should be a top sheet that’s fitted at the bottom and parking garages should be like vending machines (even though I think that one might’ve been taken from Tokyo Drift). 

3. Squirrels

This location showed how Yakkers have a hive mind.  Without any instructions and just one word, “Squirrels”, everyone began pretending to be a campus squirrel.  And it was amazing. We may not be able to touch those furry critters, but those furry critters have certainly touched all of our hearts.

2. Bikini Bottom

Resonating with our childhood, Bikini Bottom brought SpongeBob to his rightful place, reigning over Yik Yak’s Featured Peeks for an entire week.  What will SpongeBob do in 2015? Will he pass his drivers test?  Is this the height of Bikini Bottom’s popularity on Yik Yak? No, this is Patrick. (Note: If you don’t get that last joke then you don’t know your SpongeBob)

1. Hogwarts

Hogwarts was the first fictional location that was ever put on Peek and it has withstood the test of time.  JK Rowling created an immersive world with rich characters and Yik Yak’s most creative users tossed in everyday problems to keep it interesting.   Moving stairs would make you late for class, the room of requirement would mostly be a fully stocked butterbeer fridge, and Professor Trelawney was probably on hallucinogens.  Hogwarts was great but do we want to bring it back? Always.