Travel Hacks from Yik Yak

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The countdown to move-in day has begun for many students, but if you’re like me, you’re looking for one last Summer trip before you trade your soul and free-time for good grades.  A select few of you may even be gearing up to study abroad in the Fall semester.

As exciting as adventures may be, they all share one thing in common.  PACKING.  *dramatic sigh of agony*

Every good traveler knows that packing light is packing smart.  Half of you will probably find yourself frantically trying to stuff three drawers of clothing in a single suitcase though.  Never fear, loyal yakkers. Your friendly intern Sherpa is here to help.  With some help from frequent-traveler friends at YikYak, we’ve compiled the essential list of essential things you’ll need to pack.

What you got up in that trunk, all that junk up in that trunk…

all the clothes
  • Avoid carrying cash; use a credit or ATM card without foreign fees if possible.
  • Pack less clothes, less shoes, and more socks.  You really can wear that shirt twice, I promise.  If that idea just stresses you out, then wash your clothes in a sink and use extra deodorant.  You’re traveling; people understand.
  • If you are accident prone, or simply disaster-prepared like me, pack a bandana and mini sewing or nail kit, with scissors, some thread or string, etc.  You never know when a Macgyver situation will occur.  Andfor the love of all things beautiful, pack extra hairbands, girls.
  • If you plan on buying a souvenir for every second cousin and your roommate’s sister, pack another carry-on size bag inside your suitcase so you can bring any fragile purchases back on the plane with you.  (Or just the two tons of foreign candy you likely bought.)
  • Take this advice from someone who eats every two hours- PACK SNACKS. Who knows how long you’ll be waiting for your in-flight pretzels, or how expensive an airport candy bar will be? You’re not you when you’re hungry.

You really, really do need…

bean passport
  • Avoid carrying cash; use a credit or ATM card without foreign fees if possible.
  • There will always be that one screaming kid on your flight, that loud snorer behind you, and that self-entitled person who will talk loud enough for a three-row-radius to hear.  Simple solution?  Headphones or earplugs.  And a killer playlist never hurt anyone.
  • Check, double-check, and triple-check to make sure you have phone and camera chargers, rechargeable powerbanks, extra memory cards, and any other gadgets you may need to bring. Be sure to check outlet requirements for your dream destination before you leave.
  • No matter where you are going- especially if it’s out of the country, make sure you have the proper documents: passports, visa, insurance cards, driver’s license… Even a school ID couldn’t hurt. *Just make sure you take very good care of them.*

When you’ve arrived in Paradise…

utility fannypack
  • Lather on the sunscreen. Pack aloe (and bug spray, depending on your destination). It’s better to have them on hand ahead of time, just in case. Oh, and chapstick is key, too.
  • Nothing says relaxation like a hammock — don’t forget a good book!
  • Whatever bookbag, purse, or pack you take, make sure it’s functional enough to go from the plane, to sightseeing, to possibly hiking or going on small day trips (especially if you’re studying abroad). Be pickpocket-smart. Also, fanny packs are back in; your dad will be delighted to hear.

Airports can be a fun hodgepodge of culture, so why not yak while you’re waiting for your plane?  Take advantage of that free WiFi. While traveling, be sure to check out the local herds on Yik Yak to get a feel for the area you’re exploring or even to ask for suggestions for local sites and restaurants to visit. You never know what cool places you’ll discover!

Khusī yātrā, happy travels.

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