Trump v. Clinton: Who do Yakkers think is best for the job in 5 key areas?


T-minus 4 days until it’s that time again – that's right, the first presidential debate is Monday! Which means a lot of talking, arguing, pointing, podium-pounding, asking for more time…oh, and a chance for the candidates to lay out where they stand on the issues and why we should pick them as the next POTUS. Before all that gets started, we asked Yakkers who you currently see as the best candidate for the job in five areas: the economy, foreign policy, handling a crisis, getting things done, and uniting the country. 

On the economy

We’ve heard you that the economy is something you’re laser-focused on: when we previously polled on what issue is most important to Yik Yak users this election season, the economy was nearly twice as important as any other issue (and the #1 concern for Yakkers in all but 6 states). Ahead of Monday night’s debate, Yakkers gave Donald Trump the nod as the candidate you see as most capable in this area – 43% believe he would be better at handling the economy than Clinton (36%).

On foreign policy 

Clinton was your runaway favorite for which candidate would best handle foreign policy – 47% of Yakkers preferred her over Trump (32%). However, when we asked you what issue is most important to you in this election cycle, foreign policy was just fourth – behind the economy, social issues, and education/healthcare.

On handling a crisis 

When it comes to guiding the country through a crisis, Clinton was again your overwhelming front-runner: 49% of millennial Yakkers trust her crisis chops, compared to 33% for Trump. Something we found interesting was that while Clinton polled slightly higher nationwide on this question than she did on foreign policy, Trump got the nod from Yakkers in 10 as opposed to 6 states.

On getting things done 

Throughout the election cycle, Yakkers have been attuned to the difference between talk and action. So who do you think will actually be able to make magic happen once the election ends and the governing begins? It turns out that you were evenly split on this, giving neither Clinton nor Trump the edge. And though 20% of you currently say you’d vote for Gary Johnson if the election was tomorrow, he had your lowest vote of confidence (14%) in this area.

On uniting the country 

Speaking of Johnson…when asked which candidate would be the best at uniting the country, he was Yakkers’ runaway choice (45%). Perhaps this has to do with the fact that the two major-party candidates are so polarizing; 82% of those voting for Hillary say you’d back her because #NeverTrump, while 66% of Trump supporters say he has your vote because you don’t want Clinton as POTUS. 

How do the Yik Yak-wide results match up with your feelings about the candidates? Also something to think about: with the first debate just 5 days away, will Gary Johnson be onstage? So many questions!! Guess who will have even more of them – the moderators on Monday night. We’ll be following along – join us for our Presidential Debate Yak Chat starting Monday at 8:45pm ET. It’s gonna be lit!

Contributing authors: Vanessa Qian & Olivia Boger