Wanna Be Yik Yak Famous?


Fame. David Bowie warned us about it years ago, but did anyone listen? Nope. Nowadays, there are even more people doing and saying crazy things, all in the name of fame. Yeah, we’re looking at you Mama June.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “fame?” An endless supply of money? Being loved by everyone? Power over the minds of thousands of people? Lavish vacations to islands you didn’t even know existed?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you any of the things we just mentioned (sorry, maybe in the next update), but what we can give you is something almost as awesome as trash bags full of money.

Get ready, Yakkers, because we’re about to make you Yik Yak Famous.

We know nothing makes you prouder than when your yaks get a ton of love. That’s why we’re making it even easier to celebrate and boast about your glorious achievements! When you hit Yik Yak Famous status, you’ll be able to share your Yaks with special Yik Yak Famous share cards that feature unique Yak characters.

Download the latest update in the Apple App Store or on Google Play to stake your claim to fame!