Why Being Home for the Summer Is Better than You Expected

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Being at college rules. The independence, new friendships, 2 AM pizza runs, and freedom (within RA limits of course) to do whatever your heart desires is simply the best thing to ever happen, like ever. But then, just when you thought you’d almost mastered how to both get good grades AND go out every Wednesday night, the time came to (gasp) move home for the summer. Terror! Or is it?

Though we may not love to admit it, and while we say we dread the idea of being under The Parental Roof And Rules once again, we’ve spotted several top yaks about how being home for the summer isn’t quite as bad as expected. So we decided to ask yakkers, what’s the BEST part about being home?

The Luxuries. Oh, The Luxuries

Living in college dorms is similar to living in a maximum security prison. The amenities are sparse, to say the least. And then there’s the showers. You know, that place where you’re supposed to clean up, but in order to do so you have to wear shoes, or risk losing a foot to a rare fungal infection. Let us repeat. YOU WEAR SHOES IN THE PLACE WHERE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO GET CLEAN BECAUSE IT’S NOT CLEAN ENOUGH TO ENTER SHOELESS. Ludicrous.

But then you go home and it’s like entering the Trump Towers. You sleep in a king sized bed. Your mom makes you chocolate croissants that put that your dining hall’s off-brand cereal to shame. It’s like overnight you went from being the Kim Kardashian who was Paris Hilton’s assistant to being THE Kim Kardashian. You know, the one married to the self-proclaimed greatest living rockstar on the planet. So yeah, home – it’s pretty nice to be able to soak in those life luxuries you didn’t even realize you were missing while you were away at college. As Kanye West once said, “Welcome to the good life.”


Free Is Our Favorite Word. And Everything’s Free!!

One of the silliest thing your parents can ever say to you is, “You just don’t understand what things cost these days.” Um… mom, dad, pretty sure we had to buy T-Swift’s latest album off iTunes rather than stream it on Spotify, so yeah, we do understand. When you’re away at college you learn that extra guacamole and a large bag of chips at Chipotle are two luxuries you can’t afford, unless of course you’ve just finished exams, in which case, it’s worth the splurge.

At college, you’re forced to downsize. But when you’re home for summer, all the downsizing flies out the window because everything, like Dobby from Harry Potter, is freeeeeeeeee. Free food. Free hugs. Free gas. Free dinners out for you and bae. At home, the best things in life truly are free.


It’s Nice To Have A Support System Again

At college, you go into a survival mode of sorts. Without mom and dad around, you’re suddenly forced to do everything on your own. This means being faced with the dilemma of finally washing five weeks of laundry or just heading over to Walmart and buying some new socks (WHERE DO ALL THE SOCKS DISAPPEAR TO?!)

But then you return home for the summer and it’s like you’re four and a half all over again. Any grown-up skills you acquired over the past year are automatically forgotten as dad velcros your tennis shoes for you and mom offers to hold your phone as you take a selfie. Hey. There’s nothing wrong with being babied.


Reuniting With Your Favorite Roommate

Nothing says “I’m home” quite like being back with your favorite family member, and by this we, of course, mean Fido. Sure, your college roommate is great. They let you drive their car, use their Netflix account, and if you’ve really hit the roommate lottery they’ll even remain calm when you puke in their bed. But your roommate, no matter how incredible they are, can’t compare to your pets.

Your pets let you cuddle them for hours, they don’t kick you out of the room when their significant other needs a place to sleep, and they don’t force you to do a tea-tox cleanse with them (it doesn’t work, by the way). Your pets, in the famous words of this generation’s most well know philosopher, Beyonce, are “flawless.”


I’m King Of The World!

When you return home from college for the summer you become a hometown baller, the big man in town, the hotshot. Essentially, you become Taylor Swift, and by that we mean that everyone, including Apple, is forced to meet all of your demands. Go you. Coming home for the summer is the absolute greatest because you get a major title upgrade: you advance from “high schooler” to “mature college grown-up.”

Take advantage of this life promotion. Create better and stronger relationships with your parents. Talk with your siblings about your new experiences. Be the best Taylor Swift you can be and take this summer as an opportunity to use your college kid power for good rather than evil. We know you can do it!


And Sometimes Home Is Just Better…