Why I Yak: Episode 1


Happy Thursday, Yakkers! Yik Yak is a great place because of the communities and people that are on it, and we thought it'd be fun to regularly let you meet some of the awesome, authentic, unique, and thoughtful folks that make Yik Yak what it is. First up, and without further adieu, let's introduce you to: Kyle, Taylor, Elton, and Harrison!

Kyle (University of Victoria) 

Kyle, a 19 year old Chemistry major, has been yakking for almost 2 years.

"I yak because it is a fun way to see what other university students' lives are like. I'm often busy with studying during the day and don't have too much time for communicating or socializing with other people. Also, I'm pretty quiet in person and don't usually have much to say even though I have a lot of thoughts in my head. I think Yik Yak is a great way to interact with others in the community in a fun environment during my free time. A lot of my friends also use it, so we have a competition to see who has the most Yakarma. Of course, I'm winning." 

Taylor (Wofford College) 

Taylor, 18, is majoring in Psychology and French, and loves expressing her creativity on the app. 

"Let's face it- college can be downright draining on the student soul! I like to recharge using Yik Yak to capture my campus dynamic in a creative, light-hearted way! Song parodies are my personal fav; for example, I created "Hello from the Study Guide" (Adele parody) in an attempt to sum up the student sentiment surrounding final exams (and to procrastinate of course :) I strive to compile the college experience and deliver it to my herd through funny and relatable content. If it makes you smile, I've accomplished my goal!"

Elton (University of California, Santa Cruz) 

Elton, who joined Yik Yak after hearing about it from his friends, is a 19 year old Computer Science and Business Management Economics major. 

"I yak because it's a great way to stay connected with my campus' news, humor, and social movements. I'm usually really busy with schoolwork, my extracurriculars, and my social life and the app is a great way to find funny posts to pull me out of the stress. If there's something on my mind, it goes on Yik Yak. My school's pretty active on the app, so it's great to just see what everyone's thinking throughout the year." 

Harrison (Clarkson University) 

Harrison, 18, is a Business Studies major and heard about Yik Yak from his sister a year ago and has been an avid Yakker since. 

"I mainly post jokes or use it to get something off my chest if I've had a bad day. I also use it to find out what is going on around campus and in town." 

Why do you yak? Send us a photo that tells us what Yik Yak means to you!