Why I Yak: Episode 2


Happy Thursday Yakkers! Yik Yak is a great place because of the communities and people that are on it, and I want you to meet some of these authentic, awesome, and thoughtful folks that make Yik Yak what it is. Without further adieu, I introduce you to Mike, Courtney, Martin, and Lesley. 

Mike (University of Western Ontario) 

Mike, a 19 year old epidemiology and biostatistics major, loves using My Herd when he's not on campus. 

"I yak because it helps me stay up to date on events going on in and around campus. My favourite yak moment was when one of my professors was proposed to and I was able to capture the moment and share it on Yik Yak. It was very cool seeing all the warm thoughts from my peers and how it cheered some people up. It was something so simple, but had such a huge outreach!" 

Courtney (St. Catherine University) 

Courtney, an 18 year old science major, yaks for a couple different reasons. 

"I love that I am able to easily find out what is happening around campus, and also Yik Yak is a great place for getting things off your chest. I also love how, no matter what you post, there almost always seems to be at least one person with whom you can relate directly with." 

Martin (Tarrant County College) 

Martin, 19, majors in kinesiology with an emphasis on nutrition. 

"I yak because it makes me feel like a part of my school. I like seeing what the students I regularly go to class are up to." 

Lesley (University of Tampa) 

Lesley, 22, is a communications major and uses Yik Yak to spread the word about her organization. 

"Scrolling through, I always know which events on or off campus are actually fun. I never miss out!" 

Why do you yak? Send us a photo that tells us what Yik Yak means to you!